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Direct Socket Control


Direct Socket Control (V0.6, Download, 368 KB)

This tool allows you to open active and passive socket connections (TCP and UDP) to other hosts and to send and receive data from them. Additional modules - e.g. a forwarder tool and a "programmable" bot make it even more useful.

This program is actually a reimplementation of a rather old and buggy Visual Basic tool ("Winsock Tools") in Java.


Java Runtime Environment (Download)

This program requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or higher.

If you use DSC with Java 1.4, drop me a short email, please. If I do not receive any emails, the next version of DSC will require Java 1.5

Contact me

You can contact me at sm-soft@gmx.de. If you want to see my other programs, visit http://smsoft.ixy.de/

Michael Schierl, Ignaz-Baldauf-Str. 5, D-86551 Aichach, Germany