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Forte Agent Tools


Here you can download my "addons" for ForteAgent.

These utilities are written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, so you need Visual Basic runtime files to use them. You can get them

  1. from Microsoft (look for a version that fits to your OS language)
  2. from my homepage (only the German version, SP5): VBRUN60SP5.EXE (1,14 MB)

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AgtF'ups, FupHelp

These are former names of AgtTool (see below).

AgtTool (V0.25, Download, 124 KB, Sourcecode, 80 KB)

This is the "main program". It is licensed unter GNU General Public License since Version 0.25


Screenshot Action Window




Agttool contains taglines of the following hierarchies (from 2002-08-26):
  • at.*
  • ch.*
  • de.*
  • fido.ger.*
  • ger.*
  • hamster.*
  • maus.*
  • z-netz.*

Big8 taglines (from 2002-08-26, Download, 43 KB)

This file contains all taglines from the Big8 hierarchies:
  • comp.*
  • humanities.*
  • misc.*
  • news.*
  • rec.*
  • sci.*
  • soc.*
  • talk.*
Rename the file taglines_big8.dat to taglines.dat and copy it into your AgtTool folder.

TagFetch (V0.11, Download, 61 KB)

This utility can be used to download additional/newer taglines from your news server:

Screenshot Tagfetch

Compface/VB (Download, 35 KB)

This DLL can be used to encode/decode X-Face header lines in Visual Basic. The DLL itself is included in the AgtTool package - you can get the Visual C++ 6 source here (it is based on the COMPFACE.DLL used in WinFace, you gan get the original source from http://www.xs4all.nl/~walterln/winface/).

For more infomarion read the readme file included.

Contact me

You can contact me at sm-soft@gmx.de. If you want to see my other software products, visit my homepage: http://smsoft.ixy.de/

Michael Schierl, Ignaz-Baldauf-Str. 5, D-86551 Aichach, Germany

Other Agent tools:

These utilities are not written by me, but somehow considered useful (although lots of them became obsolete as AgtTools was finished).